Building Your Own Real Estate Company (GmbH) in Germany from Scratch

Embark on a strategic journey to establish your own Real Estate GmbH in Germany, optimizing tax benefits and ensuring lasting success in property investment. 🤑

Key Takeaways

  • Embark on real estate GmbH journey strategically for substantial tax benefits and financial empowerment in Germany.
  • Start building equity through high-yield savings accounts or real estate security tokens to create a secure financial foundation.
  • Resist rushing to a GmbH; learn and evaluate by buying small properties privately for future success.
  • Establish your GmbH with a solid portfolio, understanding tax benefits, and considering potential downsides.
  • Weigh the allure of 15% tax against setup fees and maintenance costs; decide based on portfolio volume.


Embarking on the journey of establishing your own real estate company in Germany is a compelling venture filled with promises of significant tax benefits and financial empowerment. The prospect of creating a Real Estate GmbH, with its potential to reduce taxes to a mere 15%, has garnered widespread attention. Yet, the path to this coveted destination demands a strategic and meticulous approach. Three key steps are described in detail in this guide:

  • Step 1: Starting Point With 0€ In The Bank
  • Step 2: Buy Properties Privately First
  • Step 3: Create Your Own Real Estate GmbH Company

By following this systematic journey, you not only sidestep unnecessary expenses but also position yourself for enduring success in the dynamic realm of German real estate investment.

Step 1: Starting Point With 0€ In The Bank

Contrary to the common notion that substantial capital is a prerequisite, the first step emphasizes building equity. With innovative options like high-yield savings accounts or real estate security tokens, you can initiate your journey with minimal financial input. These avenues provide a secure foundation, allowing you to accumulate funds for the subsequent steps.

High-yield savings accounts offer flexibility for those uncertain about their readiness for the next phase, providing over 3% interest. On the other hand, fixed-term savings accounts, with up to 5% interest, offer a more committed approach. Additionally, venturing into real estate security tokens enables you to invest in real estate with as little as €100, earning up to 12% interest and profit shares. This strategic approach ensures that your journey toward establishing a Real Estate GmbH is built on a solid financial footing, optimizing the use of available resources for maximum impact.

Step 2: Buy Properties Privately First

Resist the urge to rush into creating a Real Estate GmbH prematurely. Instead, focus on purchasing properties privately. This phase serves as a critical learning experience, allowing you to evaluate your commitment to real estate investment and amass enough volume to make the GmbH venture worthwhile. Buying small properties privately sets the stage for future financial success. In regions like Bavaria, where closing costs are comparatively low, and with the potential for 100% financing from banks, you can acquire properties with minimal upfront expenses.

This strategic approach not only helps you understand the intricacies of real estate investment but also allows you to sell your properties tax-free to your own Real Estate GmbH after ten years. It’s a gradual yet effective progression that lays the groundwork for a more informed and financially sound entrance into the realm of real estate company ownership.

If you need help buying a property, we can help you find an investment property as well as help with the financing of the property. Feel free to schedule a meeting with us.

Step 3: Create Your Own Real Estate GmbH Company

Now equipped with a portfolio of properties and a solid financial base, step three involves establishing your Real Estate GmbH. While the tax benefits are enticing, understanding the pros and cons is paramount. The primary advantage is a significant reduction in taxes, allowing you to optimize profits.

However, this comes with downsides, such as taxes on property sales and the potential loss of tax benefits if your activities resemble a commercial business. The allure of a flat 15% tax rate, especially compared to private investors facing up to 45%, is a key incentive. Additionally, a Real Estate GmbH allows for unique financial maneuvers, such as share deals to minimize ground purchasing taxes.

It’s crucial to weigh these benefits against the setup and maintenance costs, ensuring that the volume of your property portfolio justifies the expenses associated with maintaining a GmbH. Balancing the advantages and drawbacks will guide you in making an informed decision about creating and sustaining your Real Estate GmbH company.

Pros & Cons Of A Real Estate GmbH Company

The allure of a Real Estate GmbH lies in its tax advantages, offering a flat rate of 15% compared to higher private investor taxes. Additionally, the ability to conduct share deals rather than asset deals can result in substantial savings on ground purchasing taxes. However, it’s crucial to weigh these benefits against the associated costs, including setup fees and annual maintenance expenses.

The decision to opt for a Real Estate GmbH should be based on the volume of your property portfolio, as the benefits need to outweigh the structural costs. While the tax benefits are significant, caution is warranted regarding the potential downsides. Profits from property sales are subject to taxation, and engaging in activities resembling a commercial business can lead to the loss of certain tax advantages. A thoughtful consideration of these pros and cons is essential in determining whether a Real Estate GmbH is the optimal choice for your real estate investment strategy in Germany.


In conclusion, the journey from zero euros to your own Real Estate GmbH demands a strategic and measured approach. By diligently following these steps, you not only avoid unnecessary expenses but also position yourself for lasting success in the dynamic realm of real estate investment in Germany.

Starting with the crucial step of building equity, progressing through the experience of buying properties privately, and culminating in the establishment of a Real Estate GmbH, each phase contributes to your financial empowerment. It’s essential to navigate the pros and cons judiciously, ensuring that the benefits of reduced taxes and potential savings align harmoniously with the scale of your property portfolio.

This comprehensive guide empowers aspiring real estate investors to navigate the complexities of establishing a Real Estate GmbH, fostering a path toward financial prosperity in the German real estate landscape.

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