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Public health insurance in Germany is mandatory for most residents in Germany. It provides basic protection for medical and dental care and can be extended.

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If you get free family health insurance depends on the exact job situation or your family. We take a deeper look at the German healthcare system so you can figure out if you and your family are eligible for free family health insurance in Germany.

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FAQ About Public Health Insurance In Germany

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How much does health insurance in Germany cost?

Public health insurance is charged with a basic premium of 14.6% and an additional charge of, on average, 0.9% of your gross income. This must be paid for a maximum income of 4,425€ monthly. Higher incomes will not be charged for your health insurance in Germany. In contrast, private health insurance is calculated on an individual basis. Therefore, your health status and your entry age are the most important factors for your monthly costs.

How can a foreigner get health insurance in Germany?

As soon as you come to Germany and start to work here, your employer will register you with German public health insurance. However, you can still look for health insurance yourself. To do this, you must inform your employer within two weeks of starting work. Our recommendation is to talk to an insurance expert to get the best health insurance in Germany for your individual situation. Anyhow, finding German health insurance for foreigners is not the problem, the difficulty is rather to find the right one.

How do I get private health insurance in Germany?

If you are self-employed, a civil servant, earn above 66.600€ yearly, have no basis to join public insurance, or are a student who renounces their public insurance, you are free to choose either public or private health insurance. Therefore, you need to cancel your public insurance, get private insurance, and send some letters of your private health insurance confirmation to your current, already canceled public health insurance. We at PerFinEx can help you find the best private health insurance in Germany for your individual situation. We will also help you with the German paperwork.

How do I choose health insurance in Germany?

Your health insurance options depend on your income and employment status. Most people in Germany are forced to be insured in statutory health insurance. Therefore, it will be the same coverage with any provider and only a small difference in cost. However, if you are self-employed, a civil servant, or earn more than 64.350€, you are eligible for private health insurance. In this case, our recommendation is to discuss your individual situation with an insurance expert, such as us, to find out what makes the most sense for you.

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