Best Household Insurance in Germany

German household insurance will protect your household items against damages like fire, tap water, storm, or burglary. Find the best household insurance in Germany here.

Key Takeaways

  • It is not the most important insurance, but if you need one, make sure you take out the best household insurance in Germany.
  • Household insurance protects you against fire, burglary, water damage, etc. It does not cover the destruction of your own property.
  • To get the best household insurance in Germany, you can use our calculator. Therefore, we explain how you can use it.

Introduction: Which household insurance is best for you?

Which is the best household insurance in Germany (Hausratversicherung)? Surprise, surprise – it depends on your personal situation!

Household insurance is not the most important insurance – more important are health insurance (whether public or private), personal liability insurance, disability insurance, and perhaps also legal insurance. However, if you decide you do need a household insurance, how do you decide which to choose?

What is insured in a household insurance?

First, let’s look at what is covered under what circumstances. Typically, household insurance will cover household items from fire, burglary (i.e. theft from the home), water damage from leaking pipes, and vandalism. Situations that are not covered include breaking or otherwise destroying your property through your own actions or general wear and tear, and damage from rainwater (with a possible exception for damage from heavy weather conditions such as hail or heavy storms). This means if you drop your phone or your dishwasher breaks down, the household insurance will not cover it – you would need device insurance or possibly a warranty from the manufacturer or retailer.

It is worth noting that while interior furnishings will be covered, elements such as windows and doors would not, as these are attached to the house and would deem part of the house itself, and instead be covered by house insurance. As tenants, you will not have to buy home insurance as that will be paid for by the landlord. You might wish to buy household insurance, however. If your accommodation is provided furnished by the landlord, the tenancy agreements may even require you to buy household insurance.

If you are going to get household insurance, you must make sure you take photos of your most expensive household items, as well as photos of the receipts when you buy something expensive. This will minimize the headache if you have to make a claim on the insurance.  Obviously, it is essential to make sure you store backups of these photos somewhere outside the home – a cloud-based storage service would be a good idea.

Best household insurance in Germany calculator

Unfortunately, we can’t provide the calculator in English yet, because we didn’t develop the calculator ourselves (API with iframe). Be assured that we will try to provide an English version of the calculator as soon as possible. The more people use our calculator, the faster we will be able to make it available in English. Until then, here are the filters you can set to find the best household insurance in Germany:

Living Space (Wohnfläche): If you simply put in the size of your house or flat, excluding balconies, basements, and stairs. The calculator will estimate the value of all your household items – based on an average of 650€/sqm.

Insured Amount (Versicherungssumme): You can manually adjust this number – although we would suggest not adjusting it down, as this could leave us underinsured. It is surprising how expensive the contents of an average house can be, once laptops, TVs, musical instruments, and other equipment or devices are included.

Postal Code (Postleitzahl): Then you add your postal code. This could make a difference to your premiums – higher crime areas or those more exposed to unusually heavy weather should expect to pay more.

Deductible (Selbstbeteiligung): If you want to make the insurance cheaper, you could increase the deductible, to up to 1.000€. The deductible applies per claim – not per calendar year, so it’s important not to increase it too far. 

More Settings (Weitere Einstellungen): There are five additional filters to help you select the most appropriate insurance –

  1. Bicycle: Do you want your bicycle insured?
  2. Natural Hazards: Do you want to insure against damage from strong rain and floods
  3. Gross Negligence: Do you want your insurance to apply even if you were reckless, careless, or irresponsible? This is probably a must since it’s very easy to leave a window open when going out
  4. Broken Glass: Do you want glass insured? 
  5. Payment: Are you paying monthly or annually?

Conclusion: Best household insurance in Germany

Finally – the results. The cheapest insurance that meets your specifications will be at the top, and you can click through the offer to see the coverage in detail – such as exactly how much cash will be insured inside and outside a safe. You can play around with the calculator to get a sense of how much different coverages will cost.

You can book a free meeting with us to discuss your insurance needs or any other aspect of your financial requirements here.

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