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Investing in ETFs in Germany can provide diversified exposure to various asset classes with low fees and high liquidity.

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In our YouTube playlist on investing in ETFs, we go into the details of ETF investing in Germany and explain what you need to watch out for. We cover a wide range of topics to make ETF investing as easy as possible for you.

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In our blog, we report on everything there is to know about investing in ETFs. Among other things, we inform you about current events, misunderstandings, errors, and changes in various ETF opportunities in Germany.

Avoid Taxes When Investing In Germany - Vorabpauschale
Avoid Taxes When Investing In Germany – Vorabpauschale

If you are investing in ETFs or mutual funds in Germany, you may have to pay capital gains taxes on profits this year, even if you did not make any profits. 😱 Why is this so and how to avoid taxes when investing in Germany.

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With our calculators, you can calculate everything possible about investing in ETFs. You can for example get an idea of whether you are using the best broker, or what compound interest means for your investments.

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Find the best investment account in Germany with the lowest fees.

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Find the best robo advisor account in Germany with the highest return.

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