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Our community invest is a systematic investment plan (SIP). This is a method of investing in different strategies with investments that are determined by PerFinEx.

The Community Invest In A Nutshell

In the world of investment, seeking out a strategy that aligns with your financial goals and risk appetite is crucial. That’s where PerFinEx’s Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) comes into play, offering investors a structured approach to wealth creation. Let’s explore how a SIP works and explore 3 distinct investment strategies: High Safety, Passive Income, and High Return.

A SIP, or Systematic Investment Plan, is an investment strategy that allows you to invest regularly in mutual funds, ETFs, or other investment instruments. It is a disciplined approach to investing where investors commit to making regular contributions at fixed intervals, such as monthly or quarterly.

The key feature of a SIP is the concept of dollar-cost averaging or rupee-cost averaging. Instead of trying to time the market and invest in one lump sum, a SIP allows investors to invest a fixed amount of money at regular intervals, regardless of the market conditions. This approach ensures that investors purchase more units when prices are low and fewer units when prices are high. Over time, this strategy can help average the cost of investments and potentially reduce the impact of market volatility.

  1. Investment Strategy, High Safety: If your primary objective is to limit potential losses and prioritize safety, the High Safety strategy offered by PerFinEx’s SIP is the ideal choice. SRRI 5, the risk class associated with this strategy, aims to restrict potential losses to no more than 10-15%. The focus here is on building a well-diversified portfolio with a primary emphasis on investing mainly in bonds. But these are not ordinary bonds. PerFinEx explores for example opportunities in “Fallen Angels,” which are companies that have experienced a rating downgrade but still offer higher interest rates. By investing in these companies, the High Safety strategy seeks to achieve a solid return while maintaining a well-diversified portfolio that balances risk and potential gains.
  2. Investment Strategy, Passive Income:  Passive income is a concept that resonates with many investors. PerFinEx’s SRRI 6 strategy introduces an investing approach that provides consistent payouts for a highly secure and reliable passive income. The focus here is on distributing Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) that ensure a regular stream of income for community members. By selecting ETFs that distribute dividends, PerFinEx aims to provide a reliable source of passive income while striking a balance between safety and potential returns. This strategy caters to people who value stability and consistent cash flow.
  3. Investment Strategy, High Return: For those with a greater risk appetite and seeking potentially higher returns, PerFinEx’s SRRI 7 strategy presents an opportunity to invest in potentially lucrative ventures. Despite the higher risk in this investing strategy, PerFinEx adopts a cautious and diverse approach. This strategy involves investments in riskier companies while maintaining a wide range of investments across thousands of different companies. By capitalizing on major trends such as technology advancements and demographic shifts, PerFinEx aims to achieve substantial returns for its investment community. This strategy is tailored for people who are willing to embrace a higher level of risk in pursuit of greater rewards.

In conclusion, PerFinEx’s SIP offers you a structured and disciplined approach to investment with the flexibility to choose from different strategies based on your risk appetite and financial goals. Whether you prioritize safety, passive income, or high returns, PerFinEx provides tailored solutions to meet your investment needs. With PerFinEx SIP, you can unlock the potential of systematic investing and pave the way towards financial prosperity.

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In our blog, we report on everything there is to know about investing in Germany. Among other things, we inform you about current events, misunderstandings, errors, and changes in various investment opportunities in Germany.

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Our Latest Community Invest Blog Posts

In our blog, we report on everything there is to know about investing in Germany. Among other things, we inform you about current events, misunderstandings, errors, and changes in various investment opportunities in Germany.

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Introducing Community Invest: Empowering Investing with PerFinEx

We are pleased to introduce Community Invest, an innovative investment opportunity that allows you to invest while benefiting from the advice and expertise of PerFinEx. Let’s find out what Community Invest is all about and how it can enable you to invest for yourself.

How does the community invest work?

  1. Personal Account: Each participant has their own dedicated account within the Community Invest platform. This account is linked to PerFinEx’s investment strategies and recommendations.

  2. Expert Guidance: While participants have full control over their accounts, PerFinEx provides expert guidance and investment recommendations in their accounts. Through regular updates, PerFinEx equips participants with the information they need to navigate the investment landscape.

  3. Investment Recommendations: Based on PerFinEx’s extensive research and expertise, participants receive investment recommendations tailored to their investment objectives and risk tolerance. These recommendations then only need to be confirmed by you and all transactions are executed automatically.

  4. Monitoring and Tracking:  PerFinEx provides tools and resources to monitor and track the performance of participants’ personal accounts. Regular updates help participants stay informed about the progress of their investments.

Benefits of Community Invest:

  1. Empowerment: Community Invest empowers you to take control of your own investments. Participants have the freedom to make decisions aligned with their financial goals and risk appetite.

  2. Expert Insights: With PerFinEx’s guidance, participants gain access to expert insights and recommendations. This helps you stay informed about market trends and opportunities.

  3. Personalization: Each participant’s investment account is tailored to their unique needs and preferences. This allows for the best investment strategies and portfolio management based on your goals and risk tolerance.

  4. Transparency and Control: Participants have full transparency and visibility into their personal accounts. They can track their investments, and monitor performance, giving them a sense of control over their financial journey.

Join the community invest journey:

Community Invest offers a new way to invest for yourself while benefiting from PerFinEx’s guidance and expertise. With your own personal account, you have the freedom to make investment decisions based on PerFinEx’s recommendations and insights. Take charge of your financial future and unlock the potential of self-directed investing with Community Invest.

Start your journey with Community Invest today and experience the power of personalized investing. Together, let’s navigate the markets, make informed decisions, and work towards achieving your financial goals.

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Understanding SRRI: Decoding the Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator

When it comes to investing, risk is an inherent aspect that investors need to carefully consider. To help investors make informed decisions, financial regulators have implemented various measures, one of which is the Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator (SRRI)

What is SRRI?

The Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator, also known as SRRI, is a standardized measure used in the financial industry to assess the risk associated with investment products such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and other investment vehicles. It aims to provide investors with a clear understanding of the potential risk and reward profile of a particular investment option.

The SRRI is designed to be a simple and easily comprehensible indicator that helps investors gauge the level of risk they are exposed to when investing in a specific financial product. It provides a numerical value that ranges from 1 to 7, with 1 indicating the lowest level of risk and 7 representing the highest level of risk.

Methodology and Functionality:

To calculate the SRRI, a multi-year analysis is conducted, considering a five-year period. The weekly closing prices, or returns, are taken into account to measure the volatility or fluctuations in value. The calculations also incorporate distributed income and withholding taxes. 

By employing statistical calculations, historical volatility is determined, resulting in a relative measure that typically falls between 0% and 25%. For example, if the SRRI value is 5%, it indicates that the investment fund has fluctuated by 5% annually over the past five years, without specifying whether it experienced a gain or loss.

Understanding The Different SRRI Levels:

The SRRI values are categorized into different risk levels, enabling potential investors to assess the risk and potential returns of a fund. The following table presents the risk levels and their corresponding volatility ranges:

  • SRRI 1:  0.0% – 0.5%          |  Low Risk
  • SRRI 2:  0.5% – 2.0%
  • SRRI 3:  2.0% – 5.0             |  Medium Risk
  • SRRI 4:  5.0% – 10%
  • SRRI 5:  10% – 15%
  • SRRI 6:  15% – 25%
  • SRRI 7:  More than 25%  |  High Risk
  • SRRI 1:  0.0% – 0.5%     |  Low Risk
  • SRRI 2:  0.5% – 2.0%
  • SRRI 3:  2.0% – 5.0% | Medium Risk
  • SRRI 4:  5.0% – 10%
  • SRRI 5:  10% – 15%
  • SRRI 6:  15% – 25%
  • SRRI 7:  More than 25%  | High Risk

How SRRI Works:

The SRRI calculation takes into account various factors, including the historical volatility of the investment product, its potential for capital loss, and the average returns it has generated over a specific period. The SRRI level is determined by the fund manager or investment provider based on the specific characteristics and investment strategy of the product.

It’s important to note that the SRRI is not the sole factor to consider when assessing an investment’s suitability. Investors should also take into account their own risk tolerance, investment objectives, and time horizon. The SRRI serves as a standardized tool to provide investors with a comparative measure of risk but should be used in conjunction with other factors when making investment decisions.

How You Benefit From Working With PerFinEx

PerFinEx GmbH is registered as an independent financial advisor in all fields of personal finance: insurance, investments, and loans according to § 34 German trade regulations (Gewerbeordnung) & supervised by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK).

Independent Advice

We are an independent financial advisor working with hundreds of different banks, insurance & pension companies.

No Additional Costs

We are paid in commissions that the German government regulates. Working with us comes at no extra cost for you.

Licensed & Regulated

We are licensed in all 3 different fields of personal finance and compliant with German financial laws & regulations.

Our 3 Investment Strategies explained

Introducing our investment strategies, we offer a range of approaches tailored to meet different investor goals and risk appetites, providing opportunities for long-term growth, reliable income streams, and a focus on capital preservation.

The High Safety strategy, represented by SRRI 5, offers investors a well-rounded approach that prioritizes safety and diversification. With this strategy, PerFinEx aims to limit potential losses to no more than 10-15% while providing investors with a solid return.

A key component of the High Safety strategy is the diversification between bonds and stocks. This allocation ensures a balanced portfolio that combines the stability of bonds with the growth potential of stocks. By investing in a diverse range of bonds, including for example opportunities in “Fallen Angels,” PerFinEx maximizes the potential for higher interest rates and solid returns.

The inclusion of “Fallen Angels” in the bond portfolio adds an element of opportunity. These are companies that were once considered investment-grade but have experienced a rating downgrade. While this may sound concerning, it actually presents an attractive investment opportunity. These companies typically offer higher interest rates to compensate for the increased risk, making them an appealing choice for investors seeking solid returns. Furthermore, by investing in a broad range of bonds, including government bonds, corporate bonds, and other fixed-income securities, the portfolio is further diversified, reducing the overall risk exposure.

In terms of equity allocation, the strategy includes stocks as well. While stocks carry a higher level of risk compared to bonds, they also offer the potential for greater returns. PerFinEx ensures that the stock portfolio is well-diversified, comprising investments in thousands of different companies. This broad range of stocks across various sectors and regions minimizes the impact of any single company’s performance on the overall portfolio. It also allows investors to benefit from the growth potential of different industries and markets.

The High Safety strategy aims to strike a balance between stability and growth, providing investors with a portfolio that offers steady income generation from bonds while also capitalizing on the growth potential of stocks. By maintaining a focus on diversification and risk management, PerFinEx aims to help investors achieve their financial goals while minimizing the potential for significant losses.

The Passive Income strategy, represented by SRRI 6, is designed for investors who prioritize a consistent and reliable source of passive income. With this strategy, PerFinEx aims to provide investors with regular payouts on a  nearly monthly basis, creating a steady stream of income.

One of the key elements of the Passive Income strategy is the preference for ETFs that distribute dividends rather than accumulate them. This means that the selected ETFs focus on value stocks with high payout ratios, such as dividend aristocrats. Dividend aristocrats are companies with a track record of consistently increasing their dividend payments year after year for at least 25 years. By investing in these companies, PerFinEx aims to capitalize on their stable financial performance and generate reliable income for investors.

The Passive Income strategy emphasizes the selection of ETFs that distribute dividends. This means that a significant portion of the investment income generated by the underlying stocks is paid out to investors as regular dividend payments. By focusing on dividend-paying stocks, investors can benefit from a consistent income stream without relying solely on the appreciation of share prices.

To ensure the sustainability of the passive income stream, PerFinEx carefully evaluates the financial health and track record of the companies held within the ETFs. Companies with a history of stable and growing dividends, coupled with strong fundamentals, are given preference. This approach aims to provide investors with a reliable source of passive income that can withstand market fluctuations.

The Passive Income strategy offers a suitable investment approach for individuals seeking a consistent and reliable source of income to support their financial needs or supplement their existing income. It provides the opportunity to benefit from the potential returns of value stocks with high dividend payouts, while still maintaining a diversified portfolio through the use of ETFs.

The High Return strategy, represented by SRRI 7, is tailored for investors who prioritize the potential for higher returns and are willing to accept a higher level of risk. This strategy offers the freedom to invest in a diverse range of opportunities worldwide, aiming to capitalize on lucrative ventures and emerging trends.

In the High Return strategy, PerFinEx embraces a cautious and diverse approach to mitigate risk while pursuing substantial returns. The investment portfolio is carefully constructed, incorporating a wide range of investments across thousands of different companies. This extensive diversification helps spread the risk across various sectors, industries, and geographic regions, reducing the potential impact of any single investment.

One of the key aspects of the High Return strategy is the focus on major trends and megatrends that have the potential to generate significant growth and returns. PerFinEx pays particular attention to emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and clean energy, as well as demographic shifts like the aging population. By identifying and investing in companies operating within these high-growth sectors, the strategy aims to capture the potential upside associated with these megatrends.

While the High Return strategy offers the potential for substantial returns, it is important to note that it also carries a higher level of risk compared to the other strategies. The possibility of losing up to 25% of the investment value exists, reflecting the inherent volatility and unpredictability of high-return investments. Therefore, investors considering this strategy should carefully assess their risk tolerance and investment objectives before allocating their assets.

Prudent risk management is a fundamental aspect of the High Return strategy. PerFinEx employs thorough research, analysis, and due diligence to identify investment opportunities with strong growth potential. Rigorous risk assessment processes are in place to evaluate the financial health, competitive positioning, and growth prospects of the companies included in the portfolio. Additionally, regular monitoring and portfolio adjustments are performed to ensure alignment with the prevailing market conditions and investment objectives.

The High Return strategy is suitable for investors who have a higher risk tolerance and a longer-term investment horizon. It provides the opportunity to participate in the growth potential of companies and industries that are driving transformative changes in the global economy.

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Maris WintersMaris Winters
12:58 10 Apr 24
Axel is clear, communicative, helpful and prompt. I've really appreciated his help and am glad to be working with him.
Hesham Kamal EldinHesham Kamal Eldin
00:17 23 Mar 24
I have recently signed my new pension contract with the aid of Axel from PerFinEx. My first impression is very positive. Axel helped me with his experience to find the right program for me in a smooth and professional way. I highly recommend PerFinEx to anyone who wants honest and experienced support for financial planning.
Nhu Viet NguyenNhu Viet Nguyen
11:00 14 Mar 24
Very polite and supportive team!
Veronica JonssonVeronica Jonsson
12:49 02 Mar 24
Starting to invest in ETFs has felt very overwhelming, but not anymore! PerFinEx helped me start my pension savings in just a week (which would've taken me months of research, confusion and stress otherwise). Thank you, Axel, for the excellent guidance. I can recommend anyone trying to get a better grip on their finances to set up a meeting PerFinEx!
emrah can çetinkayaemrah can çetinkaya
07:34 26 Feb 24
As a newcomer to Germany, I can say that PerFinEx has been really helpful in clarifying my questions on various topics.
Ana P SantosAna P Santos
11:33 30 Jan 24
The PerFinEx videos were very useful for my research on what pension fund to invest in. I made an appointment with PreFinEx after watching the videos and making copious notes. Axle clearly explained the different pension levels to me and helped me make an informed decision as to where I could safely and wisely invest my money. Would definitely recommend PerFinEx services when planning your future.
09:46 30 Oct 23
I feel so lucky to have the chance to work with PerFinEx and Axel. PerFinEx, under the leadership of Axel, has a comprehensive knowledge of the health insurance system in Germany. He first tries to understand and identify your expectations and requirements then he finds the best way for you during the transition from public to private insurance. They are doing a great job providing valuable information to all the expat- non-German speaking community. Now I am asking myself why I lost that much time. I should have contacted Axel a long time ago. It is also great to feel that they will be always there to help you anytime you need. I would strongly recommend this company to work with. Please note that they have also other services such as pension systems, financial investments, real estate, etc.
Mohit SoodMohit Sood
21:07 02 Oct 23
I had two meetings with Axel. Everything was very smooth. He helped me shortlist couple of Health insurances. I had multiple queries before and after the meeting, Axel was very clear in his answers and patient with me throughout the process. It was a nice experience for me. I would definitely recommend their services.
Parth Sarthi PandeyParth Sarthi Pandey
14:50 07 Dec 22
It was wonderful working with PerFinEx. You get clear and honest advice and I had one of the most smooth experiences of buying any policy in Germany.
I've had a few calls with the folks from PerFinEx. I quickly built trust and started using their services. They present themselves as a key partner for your finances, specially when you are not from Germany.I'm looking forward to building a lasting business relationship with them. It's been such a great start.
Rajwinder SinghRajwinder Singh
16:28 12 Aug 22
Best Financial advisor for Expats! I am happy to collaborate you. Thanks for advising on how to maximize my financial gains. 🙂 I would totally recommend PerFinex to anybody looking to maximize their earnings.
Satwik ShenoySatwik Shenoy
09:55 20 Jun 22
PerFinEx for expats in Germany is a legit one-stop shop for all your insurance needs and financial planning. They managed to solve all my insurance problems in Germany in no time and their YouTube videos are super informative.Axel and Pascal were a pleasure to work with. I'd highly recommend you talk to them. Even if you already have your insurances, you could revisit your current situation and work on making them better and more efficient. The way he speaks clearly shows he is here to help.Wishing you all the very best and keep those videos coming!
Luis Alfonzo GonzálezLuis Alfonzo González
20:52 15 Mar 22
I first got in touch with Axel through his YouTube channel, then we arranged a meeting and he was super helpful and explained everything to me. I really value his patience and work ethic. I can recommend him for all expats living in Germany!

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