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PerFinEx is the #1 English-speaking & independent financial planner in Germany. We bring you the financial advice you want, need & deserve.

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Master your finances with PerFinEx

PerFinEx is revolutionizing the financial world by providing innovative and user-friendly solutions. Our platform offers personalized financial insights, budgeting tools, investment advice, & more, empowering you to take control of your finances and secure a stable financial future.

Secure a free online meeting with us

Personal finance in Germany can be difficult – especially as an expat with limited German language skills. We make your financial planning as easy as possible. All you need is a device that is connected to the internet to secure a free online meeting with us.

Health Insurance in Germany

Health Insurance in Germany plays an important role in providing security for you and your loved ones. We will bring clarity which health insurance is best for your situation.

Insurance in Germany

Insurances play an important role in your financial wellbeing, as they provide financial security for you and your loved ones when it matters most. The large amount of different insurances in Germany confuses you? We will bring clarity to what you really need.

Feather got interviewed by PerFinEx

Important insurances in Germany

Interview with Julian Hennig (Head of Insurance - Feather) about the structure and future of German health insurance and important...

Investing in Germany

Do you want your money to work for you instead of the other way round? Investing in Germany will set you up for financial success & the right investment strategy will help you achieve your financial goals despite 0% interest rate.

Personal Finance for you - 1 video at a time

Every Friday we publish a video explaining all things personal finance in Germany (insurance, investing, pension, real estate & taxes). Subscribe to our YouTube channel and start improving your financial future today by watching one video at a time.

Pension in Germany

Germany’s diverse pension schemes will help you secure income throughout your entire life so you can enjoy your well-deserved retirement – even if you decide not to retire in Germany. You can even save some taxes with German pensions!

Personal Finance in Germany PerFinExplained

Do you think personal finance in Germany is difficult to understand with all the complicated German rules & regulations? Not if it is PerFinExplained by PerFinEx – the #1 English-speaking & independent financial planner in Germany.

How you benefit from working with perFinEx

PerFinEx GmbH is fully regulated in insurance, investments, and loans according to § 34 German trade regulations (Gewerbeordnung) & supervised by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK).

No additional costs

As we are paid in government regulated commissions, working together with us comes at no additional costs to you.

Licensed & regulated

PerFinEx is fully regulated in all 3 different fields of personal finance and compliant with German financial laws.

Independent for you

PerFinEx is an independent broker working on behalf of its clients with +500 banks & hundreds of insurance companies.

Our Strong Network Of Partners

Benefit not only from our knowledge and experience but also from our professional partners with whom we work together.

we focus on your personal financial goals

We help our clients to reach financial success by putting their interests first. See what our clients from around the globe say about working with us & how we helped them to improve their financial future.

I first got in touch with Axel through his YouTube channel, then we arranged a meeting and he was super helpful and explained everything to me. I really value his patience and work ethic. I can recommend him for all expats living in Germany!

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Luis Alfonso González

Axel from PerFinEx helped me a lot with organising my Pension and other financial plans. Very patient, very professional and all in English! 🙂 Would highly recommend his service and Youtube channel

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Hadass Sternberg

It is a pleasure taking assistance from Axel. He is patient in explaining and and answering questions and has a clear communi-cation style. He also speaks in English which is a big bonus to expats in Germany. Would highly recommend to work with him.

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Rohit Rao

Axel is really knowledgable about the system in Germany and answered all of my questions. It was a nice time working with him to find a private health insurance and I will stay in touch with him to do more things in Germany in the future

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Yahia El Tai

Real Estate in Germany

Owning a home is one of the biggest financial goals – so is passive rental income from investing in rental properties. Real estate (investing) can be a wonderful tool for financial success when approached in a clever and strategic way – especially with the leverage effect.

Taxes in Germany

Germany has one of the highest tax rates in the world – which is bad news if you are working here. Good for you, that Germany also offers a lot of tricks to lower your tax bill in a completely legal way. You can save thousands of Euros every year!

German Tax Guide in 2023

Ultimate German Tax Guide 2023

Filing your taxes in Germany will get you on average 1.072€ from Finanzamt. 🤑 In this ultimate German tax guide...


Is it worth using a financial advisor?

As long as you are not sure which insurance you need or how to provide for your old age, a free initial consultation is always useful. Here you can determine whether the consultation is about you or pushing you towards a product. Our recommendation is to only take out a product if you are really convinced of it.

What should I expect from a financial advisor?

You should expect a good financial advisor to provide independent advice based on your personal life situation. The goal should be to find insurance policies and investment products that you really need, want, and feel comfortable with.

What is the average fee for a financial advisor?

The average cost depends on the type of consultant. There are fee-based advisors, who are paid for the time of the consultation, and commission-based advisors. Commission-based advisors usually offer free advice. Our recommendation is to seek such a consultation. You will notice relatively quickly whether you are dealing with independent advice, or whether it is simply a matter of selling products.

What do financial advisors recommend?

A good financial advisor will listen carefully to your individual life situation, and based on that, decide exactly what makes sense for you. So there should be no specific recommendation that is universally valid. If there is a universally valid recommendation, it is not good, unbiased, independent advice.

What is a good rate for a financial advisor?

A good financial advisor does not necessarily have to cost anything. Independent financial advisors offer you a free consultation. Here it is important to pay attention to whether your interest is in the foreground, or the product of the advisor, since he is usually paid by a commission.

How do I choose a financial advisor

You choose a good financial advisor based on your personal judgment. Nevertheless, you can ask yourself a few questions in a conversation, such as, do you feel comfortable with the advice? Is enough time taken to answer your questions? Is the advisor competent and explains the products in an understandable way? Doesn’t try to pressure you into anything? Is the advice transparent?

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