Dental Insurance in Germany

Visiting the dentist in Germany or getting a tooth replacement can be really expensive in Germany. Learn the benefits and costs of an additional dental insurance in Germany in this article.

Key Takeaways

  • Public health insurance in Germany usually covers only the most necessary in the area of dental insurance.
  • You can freely choose your desired dental insurance in Germany in private health insurance.
  • Since people with public health insurance pay a large part of the dental costs themselves, dental insurance  can be useful.
  • Use our calculator to determine your individual best supplementary dental insurance in Germany and also its costs.

Introduction: Dental coverage in Germany

Dental treatment in Germany can be quite expensive. Depending on the type of treatment, the costs can quickly reach three or four figures. For example, if you need an implant, the cost can easily reach one to two thousand euros. Therefore, it is of course all the better that German health insurance is mandatory and covers dental costs, right? Unfortunately, this is only wishful thinking and the reality is usually different. 

As always in the health insurance sector, a distinction must be made between private and public health insurance, as both systems pay differently for your dental costs. But what exactly is covered here?

  • Dental coverage in public health insurance: Basic things, such as preventive dental care, are covered by public health insurance. However, when it comes to the more expensive things, such as professional teeth cleaning or dentures, very little or not at all is paid. This can lead to an extremely high-cost burden. Therefore, supplementary dental insurance can be useful, but more about that later.
  • Dental coverage in private health insurance: In private health insurance, you can choose your insurance coverage independently. This means that the benefits in the dental area can be individually tailored. Thus, if dental protection is important to you, you can simply take a plan that suits your needs. It should be noted that even cheaper private health insurance plans will most likely provide at least 50 – 70 percent of dental prostheses.

This article is primarily about how you can increase your current dental coverage under public health insurance. For this, we explain what you should look for in supplementary dental insurance in Germany and how to use our best dental insurance calculator.

Do you want to switch to private health insurance to get better benefits? Then let’s take a look at possible plans together.

Why a dental insurance in Germany is useful?

Those who have public health insurance in Germany generally also receive the benefits provided by public health insurance. This is determined by the government and has been reduced more and more in recent years. Thus, statutory health insurance only covers basic care to a large extent, which results in a noticeable loss of quality.

For example, if you need a dental prosthesis only the standard care will be covered. There is a benefits catalog for this, in which the fixed allowances are regulated. Since these are not particularly high, only a fraction of the costs for implants or inlays, for example, are covered. Although you can increase the subsidy of public health insurance by means of a bonus booklet, this will unfortunately not bring you a large cost subsidy, but at least something.

Thus, should an emergency occur that you need a dental prosthesis, you can count on a 60 – 75 percent subsidy for a gold or ceramic crown. In this case, the costs range between 500 – 1.000€. However, if you need a high-quality implant, then this will usually cost you 2.000 – 3.000€, while a much lower percentage will be covered (reach out to your public health insurance provider to get more informations about it.

Of course, you can now follow the view that you simply put a little something aside each month for the emergency of a dental prosthesis and continue to pay independently for professional dental cleaning. However, if you take a closer look at the individual rates and costs for supplementary dental insurance, you will quickly realize that these minor monthly costs can have an enormously high benefit.

Best dental insurance in Germany calculator

Unfortunately we can’t provide the calculator in English yet, because we didn’t develop the calculator ourselves (API with iframe). Be assured that we will try to provide an English version of the calculator as soon as possible. The more people use our calculator, the faster we will be able to make it available in English. Until then, here are the filters you can set to find the best supplementary dental insurance in Germany:

Ihr Alter (Your Age): The monthly premium is adjusted according to your age. The younger you are, the less you have to pay, as it is assumed that your teeth are in a better condition.

Zahnerhalt (Tooth preservation): Tooth conservation means that the natural dentition should be preserved as completely as possible. The aim is therefore to protect the tooth substance instead of repairing it in case of existing damage. This category includes coverage of professional dental cleaning, dental fillings, root canal treatment, periodontal treatment, etc.

Zahnersatz (Dentures): When tooth preservation measures are no longer of any use, the only option is usually a dental prosthesis. Here you can usually choose between a fixed dental prosthesis (dental implant or dental crown) and a removable dental prosthesis (denture). Here, the statutory health insurance only provides the standard care, which you can increase if you choose.

Conclusion: Best dental insurance in Germany

After you have set all filters correctly, you can click on the blue button “Anbieter vergleichen” to find the supplementary dental insurance that contains the lowest price for you. In the “Leistungen” column, you will also get a brief overview of what the supplementary dental insurance covers. You can then find more detailed information by clicking on “zum Anbieter“. This will take you to the provider.

  • Leistungen shows a brief overview of the highlights of your possible new supplementary dental insurance.
  • Monatlicher Beitrag is your monthly premium
  • If you hover your mouse over the ratings, you can see that some insurance companies have even won awards (e.g. Stiftung Warentest, Focus Money, etc)
  • If you click on “zum Anbieter” and then purchase an insurance policy, we receive an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you.

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