Best Legal Insurance
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Discover the best legal insurance in Germany to protect your rights and finances. Learn about coverage details, and important considerations to get the best one.

Key Takeaways

  • Legal disputes can be very expensive. With the right legal insurance, you can protect your rights and avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Germans have legal fights in many areas, e.g. renting a home, renting out a property, traffic, private, with the government, and work.
  • There are certain points that every good legal insurance policy should include. So do not do without it.
  • No legal insurance plan will cover intentional crimes (actions that can only be committed with intent). They fall outside the coverage.
  • By using our best legal insurance in Germany calculator, you can compare different legal insurance plans and their associated costs.


Did you know that 71% of Germans voluntarily lose legal disputes due to the high costs involved? Legal disputes can be financially burdensome, leading many individuals to forego hiring a lawyer or seeking justice. However, with the right legal insurance, you can protect your rights and avoid unnecessary expenses.

In this article, we explore the best legal insurance options in Germany, covering what they offer, what they don’t cover, and essential tips for selecting the right plan. Additionally, we provide a helpful calculator to estimate costs based on your specific needs.

Where Germans Have Legal Fights

Legal disputes can arise in various areas of life, and it’s crucial to have comprehensive coverage that addresses a wide range of scenarios. One common area where legal fights occur is in the realm of housing. Renting a home can sometimes lead to conflicts between landlords and tenants, making it important to have legal insurance that offers support in resolving such disputes. Additionally, legal insurance should provide coverage for issues related to owning property, including property disputes or disagreements with homeowners’ associations.

Car accidents are another common source of legal disputes. Having legal insurance that covers you in the event of an accident can help you navigate the complexities of insurance claims, liability, and any legal action that may arise. Employment conflicts also require legal protection, as disputes with employers can involve wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, or contractual disagreements. A reliable legal insurance plan should offer coverage in these employment-related matters.

Moreover, private matters can lead to legal disputes that require legal assistance. Disputes with partners, whether in the context of separation, child custody, or property division, can become complex and emotionally challenging. Legal insurance can provide guidance and support during these difficult times. Disagreements with neighbors, such as boundary disputes or noise complaints, are also common and may necessitate legal intervention.

Furthermore, legal insurance should extend its coverage to government institutions, such as tax-related disputes or challenges with government regulations. Financial matters like buying or selling goods, services, or property can also lead to legal conflicts that require professional representation.

Important Details of Good Legal Insurances

When choosing a legal insurance plan, several crucial factors can significantly impact your experience. Opting for a policy that allows you to choose your own lawyer is important for two reasons. Firstly, you may want an expert in the specific field relevant to your dispute. Secondly, having a lawyer who can communicate effectively, potentially in English, can be highly beneficial. Additionally, access to a free lawyer hotline is essential. These hotlines connect you with real lawyers who can provide guidance and advice, helping you handle situations correctly and potentially avoid costly legal procedures.

Furthermore, good legal insurance plans often offer coverage for employment-related conflicts, protecting people from being unlawfully terminated. They may also provide assistance in reviewing termination agreements, such as golden handshake deals. Additionally, the best legal insurance plans cover a wide range of private matters, ensuring that disputes with partners, neighbors, government institutions, and other aspects of daily life are adequately addressed.

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What NO Legal Insurance Will Cover

While legal insurance offers comprehensive coverage, it’s crucial to understand its limitations. No legal insurance plan will cover intentional crimes as these fall outside the scope of insurance coverage. Intentional crimes are actions that can only be committed with intent, such as bank robbery. Therefore, legal insurance will not assist in such situations.

It is important to remember that legal insurance plans also typically have waiting periods before full coverage takes effect. These waiting periods, usually around three months, require you to have the insurance policy in place for a specific period before you can access full coverage benefits.

Lastly, it is worth noting that most legal insurance plans do not cover self-employed people. In such cases, it is advisable to consider obtaining a separate business legal insurance policy to ensure comprehensive protection.

Best Legal Insurance in Germany Calculator

By using the calculator, you can compare different legal insurance plans and their associated costs. It allows you to make an informed decision based on your budget and coverage needs, ensuring that you find the best legal insurance in Germany that aligns with your specific requirements.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide the calculator in English yet, because we didn’t develop the calculator ourselves (API with iframe). Be assured that we will try to provide an English version of the calculator as soon as possible. The more people use our calculator, the faster we will be able to make it available in English. Until then, here are the filters you can set to find the best legal insurance in Germany:

Versicherte Personen (insured people): Most important is the circle of insured people in order to find the best legal insurance in Germany. Is it just you (Single ohne Kind) or are you looking for legal insurance together with your partner (Paar ohne Kind)? If it is the latter one, you need only one insurance as a couple as long as you are living under the same address. Do you have a child? If so, your child needs legal coverage as well.

Deckungssumme (maximum coverage): It is important to understand that the maximum coverage paid by your insurance will be per individual case, and not for the entire time that you are insured. 

Selbstbeteiligung (deductible): In case you are worried that legal insurance with more than 1 million € maximum coverage will cost you a lot of money now, you can decrease your annual insurance premium by sharing the risk with your insurance with a deductible. A deductible is the amount of money you have to pay yourself first (e.g. 150€) before the insurance company will start covering. Important to note: Unlike the deductible for private health insurance which is per year, the deductible for legal insurance is always per damage (5 damages per year would result in 5x deductible).

Zahlweise (payment method): You can choose to pay for your legal expenses insurance monatlich (monthly), quartalsweise (quarterly), halbjährlich (half-yearly), or jährlich (annually).

Zu versichernde Bereiche (areas to be insured): As already described above, you can cover five areas with legal expenses insurance. These are the areas of private, professional, traffic, housing, and renting.

Conclusion: Best legal insurance in Germany

After you have set all filters correctly, you can click on the blue button “Anbieter vergleichen” to find the legal insurance that contains the lowest price for you. In the “Leistungen” column, you will also get a brief overview of what the legal insurance covers. You can then find more detailed information by clicking on “zum Anbieter“. This will take you to the provider.

  • Leistungen (services) shows a brief overview of the highlights of your possible new legal insurance.
  • Beitrag (contribution) is your monthly premium
  • If you hover your mouse over the ratings, you can see that some insurance companies have even won awards (e.g. Stiftung WarentestFocus Money, etc)
  • If you click on “zum Anbieter” and then purchase an insurance policy, we receive an affiliate commission at no additional cost for you.

Obtaining the best legal insurance in Germany is a crucial step in protecting your rights and avoiding the financial strain of legal disputes. By choosing a comprehensive plan that aligns with your needs, you can secure expert legal assistance, access valuable resources, and gain peace of mind. Use our calculator to estimate costs and compare different options. Pay attention to important details such as coverage, deductibles, and waiting periods.

By taking these factors into account and understanding the nuances of legal insurance, you can make an informed decision and ensure that you are well-prepared for any legal challenges that may arise. Safeguard your rights and secure your financial well-being with the best legal insurance in Germany. If you need help by setting up, feel free to book a free meeting with us.

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