Savings Plan Calculator

Calculate your potential return from a savings plan when you save regularly with a specific rate of return & use the full power of the compounding interest effect.

How it works

Fill in a few conditions

First, you need to enter the desired initial capital (Anfangskapital) and the regular savings rate (Regelmäßige Sparrate). Next, you enter the interest rate in percent that you assume annually (Zinssatz in Prozent) and the dynamic (Dynamik der Sparrate in Prozent) with which you increase your savings rate annually. Finally, you enter the payment interval (Zahlungsweise) in which the money is to be transferred and the investment period in years (Anlagezeitraum in Jahren).

See your savings plan investment result

Clicking on “berechnen” will show you the capital that you will get from the data you entered. The slope shows how much capital you have accumulated per year.

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