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General Financial Advice

Axel Brückner

Axel Brückner

Axel founded PerFinEx in 2017 with the vision in mind to help all expats living in Germany by bringing them accessible & easy-to-understand personal financial advice.

Erik Tanczos

Erik joined PerFinEx in early 2024 after working in the field of personal finance for many years. His expertise of the German market will help you reach your financial goals.

Pascal Pfister

Pascal Pfister

Pascal joined PerFinEx in early 2022 and helps expats living in Germany with his profound knowledge of capital markets from studying Finance & Banking.

External Cooperation Partners

In order to establish our position as the no. 1 English-speaking and independent financial planner in Germany, we work together with many external partners that help you to improve your financial situation.

Tax Advice

Dirk Maskow

After working on international taxation at Deloitte and EY for 30 years, Dirk is helping expats in Germany now to file their taxes. Book a meeting now with Dirk from PerFiTax.

Real Estate Investing

Vanesa Valentic

Vanesa works with PerFinEx since 2022 with many years of experience in the German real estate industry. Are you looking for a property to invest in? Vanesa will help you!

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