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Our community investing is a systematic investment plan (SIP). This is a method of investing in different strategies whose investments are determined by us.

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In our YouTube playlist on our Community Invest, we give you a monthly update on the various investment strategies, how they are currently performing, and the current situation on the stock markets in general.

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In our blog, we report on everything there is to know about investing in Germany. Among other things, we inform you about current events, misunderstandings, errors, and changes in various investment opportunities in Germany.

Avoid Taxes When Investing In Germany - Vorabpauschale
Avoid Taxes When Investing In Germany – Vorabpauschale

If you are investing in ETFs or mutual funds in Germany, you may have to pay capital gains taxes on profits this year, even if you did not make any profits. 😱 Why is this so and how to avoid taxes when investing in Germany.

Fidelity investment account

Below you have the opportunity to open your own Fidelity account. The “FFB Fondsdepot” is completely sufficient for this. You do not need the Plus depot. As soon as Fidelity has done the settings, we will reach out to you to discuss everything in more detail.

Fidelity Account

Open your Fidelity investment account to invest with us togther.

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