Pension Age Calculator

Calculate your costs of early retirement or your benefit of later retirement in terms of the difference in life-long monthly pension from the German public pension (DRV).

How it works

Fill in a few conditions

First, you must state your date of birth (Geburtsdatum) and when you started working in Germany (Wann haben Sie angefangen zu arbeiten). Then you must answer yes or no to whether you work in the new federal states (Arbeiten Sie in den neuen Bundesländern) and whether you know your pension entitlements from the public pension insurance (Kennen Sie Ihre Rentenansprüche aus der gesetzlichen Rentenversicherung?). If you answer yes to the second question, you must enter your standard retirement pension (Regelaltersrente). The last questions are whether you have any gaps in your insurance history (Lücken im Versicherungsverlauf), which you must state in months, and what your gross monthly salary is (Monatsbruttoentgelt).

See your potential pension age

Clicking on “berechnen” will show you the capital that you will need for every month, you will retire earlier than your regular pension age. The slope shows how much capital you need in case you retire earlier, and also how much capital you save in case you retire later.

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