Kurzarbeit Calculator

During Kurzarbeit you will earn a lower gross salary. How will your net salary change and what are the tax implications? Find out with our Kurzarbeit calculator.

How it works

Fill in a few conditions

First, you must enter both the gross wage before short-time work (Bruttolohn vor Kurzarbeit) and the gross wage during short-time work (Bruttolohn in Kurzarbeit). Then you have to enter the number of months you will be in short-time work (Wie vile Monate werden Sie dieses Jahr in Kurzarbeit sein?) before you enter your tax class (Steuerklasse) and the child allowance (Kinderfreibetrag).

See your earnings during Kurzarbeit

If you click on “berechnen”, you will see an overview of your flat-rate net income before, and during short-time work. Further down is the breakdown of the income during the short-time work divided into months.

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