Best Bausparvertrag in germany

Find the best Bausparvertrag in Germany with the highest interest rate. By opening a German Bauspravertrag through our calculator you might also secure some bonuses.

How it works

Fill in a few conditions

First, you need to enter the desired building savings target (Bausparziel (Verwendungszweck)). Here you can choose between a future loan with low interest rates (Zukünftiges Darlehen mit niedrigen Zinsen sichern) or the possibility to use the building savings contract as a pure financial investment (Bausparvertrag als reine Geldanlage nutzen). By clicking on “Anbieter vergleichen”, you will be shown the best Bausparvertrag in Germany sorted by price. Clicking on “jetzt anfragen” takes you directly to their website.

Make a non-binding request for the best Bausparvertrag in Germany

Once on the page, you need to specify the desired calculation type (Gewünschte Berechnungsart). Here you can choose between a building savings amount (Bausparsumme) and a monthly savings rate (Monatliche Sparrate). Then you need to fill in the savings period (Ansparzeit), contact details, and address fields. The last question refers to a joint contract with the spouse (Gemeinschaftsvertrag mit Ehepartner) before you can submit a non-binding request by clicking on “Unverbindliche Anfrage absenden”.

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