Base Pension (Rürup-Rente) Calculator

Calculate your tax benefits from a base pension level 1 (Rürup-Rente) & how much the German government will help you save towards your secure retirement income.

How it works

Fill in a few conditions

First, you will be asked whether your tax assessment (Steuerliche Veranlagung) is separate (getrennt) or joint (zusammen) with your partner. Then your taxable income is to be entered (Zu versteuerndes Einkommen) before you answer the questions whether you are liable to church tax (Kirchensteuerpflichtig) and whether you have children (Haben Sie Kinder?) with yes or no. If you have children, you will also be asked about the child allowance (Kinderfreibetrag) and child benefit (Kindergeld). The last questions to answer are your state of residence (Bundesland) and your possible annual savings (Jahressparleistung).

See your annual tax savings

Clicking on “berechnen” will show you the annual tax benefits that you will have. The pie chart shows you how much your net investment will be compared to your tax benefits.

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